#28916 Confessions

Monday, 13 November 2017 01:55 AM

#28916 A few years ago I was living with my best friend. He moved in with me and we would work out and lift a lot. After a while he started to notice that I wear skin tight spandex basically every day to work out in and show off my form. He started asking to borrow some of my Under Armour to wear with me, and this quickly becaame a daily thing where he didn't have to ask, I'd just bring out two sets of compression tank tops and shorts or leggings. We would comment on each other's form and the tight fit of our spandex (I always wear it a couple sizes too small). I knew something was up the day that he asked to touch my pecs, and then HE asked ME to touch his pecs. We got to the point where we'd work out and even lounge around wearing spandex (and trust me, EVERYTHING was visible on both of us). We'd wrestle and spar in it too. I ended up getting the bottoms of his bare feet stuck in my face while we were locked together and they smelled amazing. We both wear flip flops to show off our feet and we started taking each other's sandals and Vibrams and smelling them, although we never told each other. I really want to have unprotected sex with him. He's my brother and I'd do anything for him.

Confession: I wonder if there are other dudes on campus who are sexually attracted to bare feet and flip flops and Under Armour. I'd like to explore with another athletic guy. Like or leave a comment if you are and I'll message you.
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