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Saturday, 15 July 2017 11:42 AM

#27310 To the confessor of 27302 I'd like to add that friendships and the meaning of it is different in America. I've lived in 7 countries across 6 different continents and I can see your point. People here seem to smile and be welcoming on the first interaction but they don't really want to build a deeper relationship with you at that interaction. It takes a lot more time. Even the people who you meet thru the clubs and other social activities will be like coworker to you in your sense but in their sense you're a friend. So it's the mindset that's also there. And unlike many of the international countries that I've lived in you need to make time here to hang out / chill. It doesn't happen spontaneously. You probably need to be like hey let's grill this Friday. And you'd need to say that Tuesday. Because here most people go by a plan and they stick to plans. So if you were to suggest something that would disrupt it, you'd be seeing that cold message " maybe next time". So yeah in short it's a different culture that you're in and just like anything else with cultural differences even friendships are very different and you'll need to adapt
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