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Why was it only after Cleveland Melvin was accussed of rape for the fifth time that he was expelled from the university? Why does DePaul protect other student athletes when they rape and abuse women? Why did DePaul claim Cleveland was expelled for "violating team policy", when the reality is he raped a girl at an off-campus party a few months ago? Not to mention his known domestic violence against the girl he impregnated before this rape. And now he is being paid to play professional basketball...
Why don't students hear more about the sexual assaults occurring on and off campus, besides the occassional one-sentence public safety emails? It's time DePaul and colleges across the country took a firm stance against sexual assault and do everything within their power to prevent and address such an evil act. DePaul and it's Athletic Department protect and perpetuate rape culture. This confession is for them.
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